Mike Weir

Professional Golfer & Masters Champion

Affectionately known as “Weirsy,” Mike Weir is a Canadian golf icon, capturing the hearts of Canadians from coast to coast throughout his stellar career on the PGA Tour. Among his many accomplishments on the golf course, his 2003 victory at The Masters stands out as his landmark achievement during a season that included wins at the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic, the Nissan Open, and a runner-up finish to Tiger Woods for the Player of the Year Award. These days, Mike keeps busy as a full-time member of the Champions Tour, while also embracing a role as an assistant captain on the International Team for the Presidents Cup. We are proud to welcome Mike Weir as a BEMER ambassador.

“With years of competition and training taking a toll, BEMER has helped elevate my recovery to the next level, while also becoming a critical part of my preventative care routine. For me, there’s nothing quite like it.”

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About the Sport

Although golf is considered a low-impact sport, when played at a professional level, golf takes a toll on the body. For professional golfers playing and practicing 7 days a week, the lower back, spine, elbows, shoulders, and wrist take a beating. Imagine hitting thousands of balls a day, repeating the same motion over and over. It’s like going to the gym and doing the same exercise for hours at a time.

The compression, torque, and rotation of the body during a golf swing is unparalleled to any sport. For weekend warrior golfers, the greatest risks come from poor mechanics and overuse of unconditioned muscles. Overswinging while reaching for those extra yards can set you back days, weeks or even months. The golf swing requires the entire body to work in a coordinated movement with precision timing. When flawed, the body pays the price.

Incorporating BEMER into your daily routine can help you on and off the course. Golfers use BEMER to energize their cellular health, improving muscle conditioning and performance. As a warm-up therapy, BEMER improves localized blood flow, helping increase muscular endurance and energy. Both important factors when preparing to ask your body to repeat the same motion for 4 hours at a time. Furthermore, BEMER is the perfect recovery device. After a long 18 holes, enjoy an 8-minute session on BEMER and fuel your muscles with the oxygen and nutrients to recover faster, giving you the energy to go back out for 36 holes!

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