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For the love of your horse. The BEMER horse-set.

The BEMER Horse-Set has been proven to have a positive impact on your horse’s body. It strengthens your horse’s health in terms of prevention and promotes regeneration after illness. It improves suppleness during training or when preparing for competitions. It can also provide valuable support during the healing process, including recovery from muscle tension or tendon/ligament/muscle injury.

BEMER Horse-Set Features

Made for riders. Made for horses.

The unique bond between horse and rider is undeniable. That bond is why horseman will go to great lengths to ensure their horse feels healthy, relaxed, and safe. The best possible care for your horse made possible with the BEMER Horse Set will help you to optimize your next ride, whether for competition, training, or pleasure.

See who’s using the BEMER Horse-Set
Jessica Springsteen, Show Jumping

Effective, all-round therapy

The BEMER Horse-Set promotes healing and recovery, and helps prevent injury. It enhances suppleness – a prerequisite for motivation and willingness to learn – so your horse can exercise more effectively. The BEMER Horse-Set also helps your horse relax more easily both before and after exertion. You’ll notice the effects on your horse after only a few minutes of treatment.

BEMER Horse-Set Features

What the experts are saying

“The BEMER Horse-Set is an integral tool that I use often in my practice. BEMER’s proven technology provides meaningful results for my clients and I have found it to be unrivaled in its ability to treat multiple problems that occur with the equine athlete.”

– Dr. Katarznya Zukiewicz, Equine Veterinarian

Positive effects of the BEMER application

  • Improved microcirculation
  • Supports parasympathetic processes in the organism
  • Promotes relaxation and regeneration after exertion
  • Increased performance
  • Optimizes exercise through increased suppleness
  • Helps prevent and increases defense against infection
  • Speeds up the recovery process after an injury
  • Improves the anesthetic experience and regeneration after surgery

Only the best for your horse

You don’t compromise when it comes to your horse: Only the best is good enough. You can feel confident that the BEMER Horse-Set will be the ideal addition to your stable. Its innovative design, delightful ease-of-use, and superior construction all make it an elegant, practical solution you (and your horse) will love.

  • Optimally adjusts and adapts to your horse
  • Developed and manufactured to medical device standards
  • Cordless operation – integrated battery and control unit
  • 3 different intensive treatment programs (5/10/15 minutes)
  • Simple, intuitive operation
    Also works over a sweat blanket without interference
  • Washable and easy to clean
  • Robust and durable – designed for demanding everyday life in the stable
  • Low weight and flexible inductors for maximum comfort
  • Simple, flexible, and portable, with easy-to-use storage case included
  • And as always: our 2+1-year guarantee – a testimony to our faith in our product’s quality

BEMER Horse-Set Features

Horse Blanket

Our horse blanket is the solution for large-area applications. The blanket generates a Bemer signal field that encompasses and permeates your animal. The small, yet extremely efficient signal control is optimally placed for simple usage and contains a high-quality battery for approximately 15 applications.


With the help of the Bemer Vet horse cuff, you can generate a focused Bemer signal on a specific region of your horse’s body. This is particularly effective in areas of intense strain, for instance at the joints. The cuff’s signal control is just as powerful as that of the horse blanket.

The best BEMER Horse-Set yet

The BEMER Horse-Set was developed by riding professionals for applications beyond just typical recreation and rehabilitation – everything from a busy day at the stable to grueling exercise and full concentration at competitions. Plus, its innovative, wireless design makes it easy to operate. You and your horse are going to love it.

BEMER Horse-Set

List Price: $4,990 USD / $6,630 CAD

Watch now how to use BEMER Horse-Set


Professional athletes use BEMER Horse-Set

“Every day we train these horses very hard, and I need them feeling in tip-top shape for their competitions and next day’s training. I can’t begin to tell you how much improvement I’ve found with BEMER. It really helps with their recovery and circulation and it’s really made a difference.”

Boyd Martin
Olympic Eventing Athlete

"The BEMER Horse-Set is truly revolutionary. We use it on several of our horses both at home and at competitions, and we are extremely happy with the results. Our horses work hard and BEMER is a valuable tool to help them recover faster with improved endurance to be ready for the next event!"

Tom & Cade McCutcheon
World Champion Million Dollar Reiners

"I am so excited to be working with BEMER. I have seen the BEMER Horse-Set in action and it's truly a unique product that supports our horses' recovery, circulation and relaxation – thus improving their performance in the ring."

Jessica Springsteen
Grand Prix Winning Show Jumper

"Horse showing can be hard on horses and having the BEMER Horse-Set available to help them relax and recover is amazing. I am thrilled to be a part of the BEMER team because I truly believe in the product. I have seen what a difference it can make for the horses in helping them be healthier and happier so they are prepared for peak performance!"

Victoria Colvin
USHJA International Hunter Derby Champion

"Each of my horses works very hard and I believe in providing them with the best care possible. The BEMER Horse-Set is a revolutionary product that increases their circulation for faster recovery, better relaxation and improved performance. My horses give me their best every day, so I use the BEMER to keep them relaxed and ready for the next competition!"

Misdee Wrigley Miller
World Equestrian Games Team Gold Medalist for Combined Driving