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What is BEMER therapy?

BEMER therapy products for humans and horses are designed to improve circulation and support the body’s natural self-regulating processes. Blood is the universal means to transport essential oxygen, nutrients, chemical messengers and immune cells, among others. 

Only when all cells, tissues and organs are adequately nourished and all metabolic waste products removed, can horses be healthy and their bodies function properly.

What are the positive effects of the BEMER on horses?
  • Improves microcirculation [1]
  • Supports parasympathetic processes in the organism [1]
  • Promotes relaxation and regeneration after exertion [1]
  • Increases performance [1]
  • Optimizes exercise through increased suppleness [1]
  • Helps prevent and increases defense against infection [1]
  • Speeds up the recovery process after an injury [2]
  • Improves the anesthetic experience and regeneration after surgery [2]
My horse is healthy, and I only ride recreationally, why do we need to use BEMER?

BEMER therapy is ideal for prevention, as well as recovery. It can help keep your horse in optimal condition.  The effects are cumulative and therefore most beneficial when BEMER is used on a regular basis.

How is the BEMER Horse-Set different from other PEMF devices for horses?

BEMER technology is protected by multiple worldwide patents, and it is scientifically proven by published studies for humans and horses using BEMER devices. Many so-called competitors cite only generic PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field) research that is not specific to using their product. 

Not all PEMF devices are the same. They vary by intensity, frequency, waveform and duration of application. None of the other PEMF devices have what BEMER has, nor can they achieve the same results as it relates to improved microcirculation.

Although BEMER technology does incorporate a PEMF, that is not the only reason for its efficacy. Other therapeutic modalities (ultrasound, electrical stimulation, etc.) could have been selected as primary delivery mechanism, but BEMER chose PEMF as the most effective way to carry its proprietary signal through the body. 

With BEMER, you get the generic benefits of a low intensity PEMF, in addition to all the unique and proven benefits of the patented BEMER signal.

The BEMER Horse-Set has integrated wireless batteries in both the BLANKET as well as the CUFFS, making it extremely easy to operate and maintain. The new, state-of-the-art CUFFS are designed for usage on both front and hind legs, and they may also be applied on other localized areas.

If the BEMER Horse-Set is so much better than all the competitors, why is it less expensive than many of them?

Since 1998, BEMER has developed its products carefully and thoughtfully with the highest possible quality and the end user in mind, to make them available to as many users as possible. 

Simply because the Horse-Set costs less than many so-called competitors in no way infers a reflection of inferior quality or performance. BEMER does reflect the value of German engineering and Swiss craftsmanship.

The BEMER Company is in the global health and wellness business for humans and horses alike.

Does the BEMER Equine-Set replace my Veterinarian?

The BEMER does not replace your Veterinarian and is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any diseases or conditions.  When your horse is in need of medical care, please proceed with calling your local vet to make an assessment on your horse. Using the BEMER Horse-Set may prove to be a very helpful therapy, alongside the prescribed treatment protocol. We recommend that your treating veterinarian calls the BEMER Equine Medical Expert Center to learn more about its function and application. A growing number of equine veterinarians in Europe and the USA are adopting BEMER as a routine complementary therapy in their practices.

What is the protocol for usage of the BLANKET?

BEMER Therapy is meant as daily therapy for your horse, as it becomes part of their care and training Program.

With BEMER therapy, there are no protocols for either humans or horses. By improving circulation in the smallest blood vessels, BEMER impacts the body systemically at the core at a cellular level, which is the foundation for good health. Therefore, BEMER is neither disease nor condition specific.Additionally, each horse reacts individually to stimulation with the BEMER signal; therefore, observation of each individual horse receiving a BEMER session is recommended to determine the best routine.  It is recommended to always start at the lowest Program and progress gradually and rotate through the Programs to address all tissue layers in the body. Please follow the general Basic Usage Guidelines.

Are there scientific studies to support the effects of BEMER use?

There are several recent independent European equine studies, one with the University of Milan Veterinary School, and another with HCCG in Germany. While BEMER does not control publication of these independent studies, they are expected to be released within the coming year (2020).There are also numerous published studies on BEMER’s specific physiological effects on humans, where basic cellular functions are similar between people and horses. Please go to Pubmed.gov or scholar.google.com for review of these studies, or review https://life.bemergroup.com/science.

Can BEMER be used in conjunction with other modalities, such as Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy or other types of bodywork?

BEMER therapy is not intended to replace other modalities, but is indeed an excellent adjunctive and complementary therapy for all of the above. BEMER Therapy may be used before or after another therapeutic modality. Field observations indicate excellent results when the muscles and tissues are fully perfused beforehand, thereby enabling deeper penetration and manipulation.

Can the BEMER PEMF blanket be used to support other routine procedures performed on horses?

The relaxing and recovery benefits of BEMER use are beneficial in conjunction with dentistry, shoeing, and many other routine procedures. Horses may show more compliant behavior for any of these procedures and be more relaxed, also during obligatory stall rest.

Can the BEMER Horse-Set be used on people?

While the BEMER technology is similar, the signal has been configured specifically for horses. BEMER Horse-Set devices are not suitable for human use. BEMER Horse-Set is an FDA regulated veterinary medical device for equine use only. For human use, please review https://life.bemergroup.com/product.

Will the BEMER BLANKET fit both ponies and large horses?

The BLANKET can easily be adjusted to fit most sizes of ponies and horses.

Can the BEMER Horse-Set be used on a miniature horse?

If BEMER Horse-Set BLANKET is too large for a very small horse, the CUFFS may be opened and laid flat (single or 2 CUFFS attached to each other by the Velcro straps and laid over the back of the very small horse. In this case it is recommended to use Program 1 for routine maintenance considering the higher flux density of the CUFFS vs the BLANKET (see chart).

Can I use the CUFFS on other parts of the horse’s body than the legs?

Yes, for local intensive application the CUFFS can be opened and laid flat to address other areas, such as the poll, neck, or anywhere along the back. The two CUFFS can also be attached to each other to cover both sides of the neck or back. The CUFFS may also be used in an upside-down orientation to better accommodate the area above the front knee or hock.

Are there any parts of the body where BEMER Horse-Set should not be used?

There are no limitations or restriction for locations of application.

Are we still able to purchase the previous version of the BEMER Horse-Set?

No, the only product line currently available for ordering is the new BEMER Horse-Set and accessories.

Does the BEMER Horse-Set have different level settings or function than the previous versions?

The functionality is the same as the previous version, just the design is different/upgraded. The BEMER signal is the same. The difference is only in the design and additional coils. Where previously there was only one CUFF, there are now two cuffs that come with the Set.

Can I purchase just the BLANKET?

The BLANKET alone is available through your distributor’s BEMER shop under Accessories.

Will the new CUFFS be sold separately or in a pair?

The new horse CUFFS are sold as a pair (a right and a left). The CUFFS are available through your distributor’s BEMER shop.

Does the BEMER Horse-Set come with a travel bag?

Yes, the travel bag is part of the Set.

How long is the warranty?

The BEMER Horse-Set components have a 3-year warranty.

*The BEMER Horse-Set does not replace treatment and care of an injury or disease by a veterinarian. A veterinarian should be consulted prior to use of the BEMER Horse-Set for any medical condition.

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