Setting Your Health on the Right Track: BEMER’s Special Program for Enhanced Recovery

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it's easy to forget the importance of taking a step back ...

Introducing the BEMER Horse Neck-Applicator: A highly requested addition to the BEMER Horse-Set

Your horse deserves the best care, and when it comes to their well-being, neck health is a critical factor. With ...
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Where to Go & What to See: The 2023 AQHA Congress

Your complete guide to the best the All-American Quarter Horse Congress has to offer That’s right, the world’s largest single-breed ...
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The Heart of the Matter: How Stress Affects the Heart

Find out just how closely stress & cardiovascular health are linked, along with healthy ways to manage stress We all ...
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A horse standing in the sun while using BEMER

BEMER for Recovery: Equine Treatment for Injuries & Summer Training

Find out how BEMER equine care can help your horse bounce back faster from injuries & hot summer training days ...
Man using the B.Pad Evo while reading a book

BEMER On the Go: Your Travel Companion for Better Vacation Days

Don’t spend your vacation stressed out. Feel your best every day with BEMER therapy Vacation is your time to leave ...
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A couple preparing vegetables in their kitchen while using BEMER

5 Summer Morning Routines for Better Health & Productivity

Make every day a fresh start with these 5 healthy summer routines. Whatever challenges we faced yesterday, the morning always ...
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Meet the Next Generation of BEMER: The Premium-Set Evo

We just launched our best package yet. Here’s what’s inside, what to expect, & how to get your hands on ...
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BEMER is Going on Tour! Come See Us at PPA Events Nationwide

We’re partnering with the Professional Pickleball Association to bring the life-changing power of BEMER to your neighborhood. Check out our ...
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Bemer Post Workout

Why You Need BEMER Therapy in Your Workout Recovery Routine

Enhance Your Workout Routine with Post-Workout BEMER Therapy Take a second to think about your recovery routine. What does it ...
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Bemer Horses Top Condition

How to Keep Your Horse in Peak Condition With BEMER Equine PEMF Therapy

The natural, non-invasive way to relax your horse, improve cooperation, and maximize performance––all in less than twenty minutes a day ...
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BEMER Professional Athletes Love Bemer

Why Top Athlete Recovery Equipment: BEMER Therapy

Discover why top athletes from all different sports can’t get enough of BEMER Today, we’re getting in the spirit of ...
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BEMER Beatrice Horses Riders

5 Reasons Why Horses & Riders Love BEMER

We’re taking a look at why equestrians and horses from all over the world love BEMER therapy! It doesn’t matter ...
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BEMER Group Manage Chronic Pain in Horses

Pain Relief in Horses: 3 Proven Methods to Manage Chronic Pain in Horses

Help your horse combat chronic pain & live their best life with these proven pain management strategies Daily riding, training, ...
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BEMER Group Rejuvenating Routines

10 Rejuvenating Routines to Step Up Everyday Self Care

Nourish your body & mind with these everyday self care habits So much of our physical and mental health comes ...
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Bemer Group Holiday Gifts

7 Holiday Gifts to Support Healthy Living

Help your loved ones live their best lives with these wellness-boosting holiday gift ideas! This collection of holiday gifts to ...
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Bemer Group Negative Effects of Stress

How Stress Affects Performance in Sports

Ever wonder why you don’t perform as well when you’re stressed? Discover the delicate relationship between stress and sports performance ...
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BEMER Group Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Progressive Muscle Relaxation: Everything You Need to Know

Progressive muscle relaxation is a simple yet powerful stress-relieving technique. Learn what it is, how to do it, & the ...
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BEMER Group Stressful holiday Planning

Why Holiday Planning Is Stressful & What to Do About It

If you find yourself asking, “Why do I feel so much holiday stress?” We’ve got science-backed answers & effective solutions ...
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BEMER Group Chronic Stress

Chronic Stress Symptoms & Signs to Watch Out for

If your stress simply won’t let up, you may be dealing with chronic stress. Learn the signs, symptoms, health risks, ...
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BEMER group Stress Relief Exercises

10 Best Stress Relief Exercises & Activities

When the pressures of life weigh you down, these simple stress relief exercises and activities can help you turn your ...
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BEMER Longevity Diets Superfoods

Your Longevity Diet: Superfoods for Healthy Aging

Certain foods are known for their “anti-aging” effects. Find out what these so-called superfoods are & how to add them ...
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BEMER Group Biohacking Technology

Biohacking Technology: Fine-Tuning the Body Beyond Diet & Supplements

Go beyond nutrition & hack your way to better health with these 5 pieces of biohacking technology Biohacking is all ...
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Bemer Group Traithlete

How a 5-Time World Champion Triathlete Uses BEMER to Stay in Peak Condition

World-class triathlete & off-road endurance champion Lesley Paterson shares how BEMER has helped her outpace the competition For strangers to ...
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BEMER Race Across America

Race Across America 2022 Recap: Breaking World Records With BEMER

With the help of BEMER therapy, Team BEMER takes first place in RAAM 2022 and sets a new 8-man cycling ...
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Lady stretching next to a BEMER Backpack

How to Balance Your Fitness & Recovery

It takes the right balance of exercise & rest to make gains while preventing injury, but what does that look ...
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BEMER Backpack

Traveling With Medical Devices: Everything You Need to Know

Follow these essential tips to ensure you make it to your destination with any medical devices or supplies you need ...
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How Nutrition Influences Fitness Recovery

How Nutrition Influences Fitness & Recovery

An in-depth look at the key ways nutrition helps optimize fitness, recovery, & overall health It’s no secret that the ...
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BEMER Ambassador Jimmy Chin on top of a mountain

Fitness & Performance Tips From Professional Athletes

Looking for ways to improve your performance? Discover how three of the world’s top athletes stay at the top of ...
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Couple walking down the stairs with a BEMER Backpack

How to Combat Low Energy During Summer Months

Follow these 5 tips for more energy to win the battle against the heat & feel healthy all summer long ...
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Bemer People

Quiz: Which BEMER Set or Pack is Right for Me?

Get to know our new product line and figure out which BEMER device will fit best into your lifestyle with ...
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BEMER Ambassador Mike Weir using a BEMER B.BOX in a golf cart

How Elite Athletes Improve Their Energy, Endurance, & Recovery With BEMER (And How You Can Too)

Elite athletes from all over the world share their experiences with BEMER and how it helps them optimize their performance ...
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3 people talking with a BEMER Distributor

6 Simple Tips for Improving Circulation in Your Legs & Feet

Keep the blood flowing through your lower body with these 6 essential healthy circulation tips Especially given what’s happened over ...
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2 active seniors reading a BEMER Manual

10 Reasons We’re Grateful for BEMER Therapy

In the season of gratitude, we want to highlight the top reasons to be thankful for BEMER therapy & all ...
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Live Your Life to the Fullest With These 5 Essential Healthy Aging Tips

Healthy aging is so much more than a numbers game. Follow these 5 tips to minimize age-related health issues and ...
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Man using BEMER Therapy on his shoulders

The Office Worker’s Guide to Better Posture

If you spend several hours a day sitting down, this guide is your source for research-proven methods to enhance your ...
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Woman in office doing yoga

How to Combat Long Hours of Sitting (Without Joining a Gym)

Quick and easy tips, stretches, and exercises to protect your health from the harmful effects of too much sitting In ...
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Lady with back pain

7 Ways That Sitting Can Impact Your Health (and How to Avoid Them)

They say “Sitting is the new smoking” for a reason. Find out why and how to counteract the adverse effects ...
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Man in the sun enjoying BEMER Therapy

Men’s Health: Know Your Risks & How to Lower Them

Learn the unique health risks that men face, how to combat them, and an easy way to boost your wellbeing ...
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Lady using a BEMER Therapy Mat on the sofa

4 Health-Boosting Benefits BEMER Can Unlock for Seniors

Staying healthy becomes increasingly important as we age. Here are 5 ways BEMER can enhance seniors’ physical and mental health ...
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BEMER athlete stretching

BEMER Can Help an Athlete Improve Their Function

In this interview, former Functional Performance Therapist for the San Francisco 49ers Tom Zheng shares how BEMER helps athletes recover ...
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Woman using BEMER Therapy in her living room

How BEMER Therapy Can Improve Women’s Health

A look at how just two eight-minute BEMER therapy sessions a day can enhance women’s health and wellbeing Although men ...
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A couple of tennis player walking on the tennis court

Ace the Competition on the Tennis Court With BEMER Therapy

How to elevate your tennis performance in just sixteen minutes a day with BEMER therapy Sprinting left to right. Stopping ...
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BEMER Therapy and Golf Secrets - Mike Weir

BEMER Therapy: The Golfer’s Secret Weapon

Prepare for this upcoming season and give yourself an edge on the course with just two eight-minute BEMER therapy sessions ...
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2 active seniors reading a BEMER Manual

Why BEMER is the Best Home Device for Seniors

How BEMER home devices can help seniors feel stronger, healthier, and live more active lives  We talk a lot about ...
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BEMER Science

What Sets PEMF Therapy Devices Apart from the Competition

A guide to understanding what makes a great PEMF therapy device and how to choose the best option for your ...
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BEMER Therapy and Basketball Performance

4 Ways BEMER Therapy Can Boost Your Performance on the Basketball Court

Up your game just in time for March Madness with two eight-minute BEMER therapy sessions a day March Madness is ...
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Baseball and BEMER Recovery

The Baseball Player’s Guide to Dominating Spring Training With BEMER

3 ways BEMER can enhance your recovery, energy, and performance in America’s greatest pastime For baseball players, March marks the ...
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BEMER Ambasador Rebecca Rusch On Her Bike

Why Athletes Choose BEMER Therapy

Athletes around the world are using BEMER therapy to take their bodies and results to the next level, here’s why ...
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The History of PEMF image

The History of PEMF Therapy

The origin story of one of the most groundbreaking medical technologies available in the 21st century Over the years, pulsed ...
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BEMER Backpack - Therapy on the go

5 Ways BEMER Therapy Can Transform Your Pre & Post Workout Routine

Your ultimate guide to maximizing muscle activation and recovery with BEMER’s transformational technology Let’s be honest. Who has the patience ...
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Man stretching after using the BEMER B.Box

Kick Off 2021 Right With BEMER

How starting your year off with BEMER will have you recovering and performing better than ever Since 2021 is right ...
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Athletic woman using a BEMER B.Box for Therapy

BEMER’s 2020 Recap: A Look Back at an Incredible Year

Taking a look at how far we’ve come in 2020, from powerful new products to professional ambassadors to exciting new ...
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Man stretching after using the BEMER B.Box

The SMART Path to Improved Health in 2021

Learn a science-backed method to sticking to your New Year’s resolutions and stacking your hard-earned health gains next year 2020 ...
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Senior lady using a BEMER B.BOX

5 Tips to Optimize Your Mental Health During the Holidays

Learn how to manage holiday stress, get better rest, and improve your lifestyle with five helpful tips you can start ...
/ BEMER Tips & Tricks
Win a BEMER Backpack contest image

New Year, New You with BEMER

Instagram #2021WithBEMER Giveaway 1. General BEMER USA, LLC (“BEMER”) will conduct a prize draw in from December 27th, 2020 at ...
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Snowboarders on a mountain

Why Every Winter Sports Enthusiast Should Use BEMER

The winter sports enthusiasts’ and athletes’ guide to energizing, maintaining, and recovering faster with BEMER Are you ready to break ...
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Learn about BEMER: An Interview with CEO Albert Bosch

Curious what BEMER is all about? We sat down with BEMER North America CEO Albert Bosch to learn about his ...
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Using BEMER Pre & Post Workout

8 Ways to Win the Fight Against Obesity

How much do you know about obesity? The stats are staggering: around 32% of American adults are overweight, and 36% ...

The Importance of Understanding Intensity

New to owning a BEMER device? If you’re not sure how often you should be using your BEMER or how ...
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5 Indoor Exercises That Boost Circulation

How much do you know about circulation? If you’re an athlete, you probably know the importance of warming up prior ...
/ BEMER Tips & Tricks

Making Time for Exercise & Self-Care This Fall

We celebrated the first day of Fall on Tuesday, September 22nd this year, and many areas of the country are ...
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See BEMER on the “Complete Human” Podcast!

Bemer was recently featured on Complete Human, a health & wellness podcast. Our very own Dr. Joshua Berka chatted with ...
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Finish the Year Strong With BEMER

There’s no doubt about it: this year has been tough on everyone. We’ve all dealt with new stressors, changes in ...
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BEMER Ambassador Jordan Palmer

How BEMER Helps Current & Former NFL Players Feel Their Best

Today, September 14th, marks the first Monday Night Football of the 101st NFL season. And although it may look a ...
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BEMER Ambassador and NFL Quarterback, Jordan Palmer

BEMER Welcomes Jordan Palmer as a new Sports Ambassador

Please join us in welcoming the newest BEMER sports ambassador, former NFL quarterback Jordan Palmer! Now a successful and well-known ...
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BEMER Ambasador - Tyson McGuffin

Athletes & Circulation: Why It’s Important and 6 Tips to Improve Circulation

As an athlete, you know the importance of eating well, getting enough rest, and a regular cycle of training and ...
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Improve Circulation While Traveling | 3 best ways

3 Ways to Improve Circulation While Traveling

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, whether it’s by plane, train, or automobile, good circulation is key to an ...
/ BEMER Tips & Tricks
How PEMF Therapy Can Enhance Your Health

What is PEMF Therapy? Learn how PEMF Therapy Can Enhance Your Health

Buzz around Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy has been steadily rising over the past few years, but research into this ...
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Welcomes Amy Van Dyken-Rouen as Sports Ambassador

BEMER Group Welcomes Amy Van Dyken-Rouen as Sports Ambassador

BEMER is proud to welcome two-time Olympian and six-time Olympic gold medalist Amy Van Dyken-Rouen to its brand ambassador community ...
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BEMER Group Welcomes Mike Weir as Sports Ambassador

BEMER Group Welcomes Mike Weir as Sports Ambassador Known as “Weirsy” to his beloved fans, Canadian golf hero Mike Weir ...
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Improving Your Blood Circulation While Working From Home

Improving Your Blood Circulation While Working From Home

With so many of us working home or otherwise relegated to staying indoors and isolated, it's more important than ever ...
Lesley Paterson Tips for successful life

Lesley Paterson: Tips for success

Lesley Paterson Five-time off-road triathlon world champion, endurance coach Imagine swimming a mile with a broken shoulder… followed by an ...
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BEMER Contest

BEMER Yeti Mug Contest

Terms & Conditions -- BEMER Contest #ilovemyBEMER BEMER Yeti Mug Contest 1. General BEMER USA, LLC (“BEMER”) will conduct a ...
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NFL Alumni Strengthens Partnership with BEMER Group

BEMER USA provides NFL Alumni Members with state-of-the-art medical technology. Mount Laurel, New Jersey, Dec. 17, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - ...
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BEMER Group | New CEO of North America | BEMER Life

BEMER Announces New CEO of North America

Seasoned Business Leader Albert Bosch Will Bring Success In Multi-National Consumer Brands To BEMER As the Company Sets New Sales ...
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Improve life with BEMER Group

5 Simple Ways to Improve Circulation

Healthy circulation is the cornerstone of health! The circulatory system is responsible for sending oxygen and nutrients to the blood ...
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Empower Your Life

Introducing the “EMPOWER YOUR LIFE” National Event Series

Discover how people nationwide are changing their life with BEMER! We are pleased to announce the new BEMER “Empower Your ...
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