December 18, 2020
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The Importance of Circulation

With each breath, your horse’s circulatory system is hard at work. The circulatory system is responsible for delivering essential oxygen and nutrients throughout your horse’s body, which helps them with suppleness, focus, and overall performance. That is not all that the circulatory system does each day for your horse! For example, when your horse experiences an injury, their body will rush blood flow to the injured site to deliver those critical cells, which play a key part in recovery. Supporting your horse’s circulatory system is critical to optimize health and well-being, but in order to do so you must first understand how the system operates!

Circulation: The River of Life

The equine circulatory system is the powerhouse that energizes each biological function within your horse’s body. An average 1,000lb horse has a heart that weighs eight to ten pounds! That heart is connected to thousands of arteries, veins, and capillaries which are responsible for transporting red and white blood cells throughout your horse’s body. 

What are those red and white blood cells responsible for? Red blood cells transport oxygen to your horse’s organs and are responsible for the removal of carbon dioxide. White blood cells fight off disease, illness, and help repair an injury as part of the immune response. 

Did You Know? The frog, a portion of your horse’s hoof, can also be considered a part of your horse’s circulatory system! The frog works to pump blood up into the leg, which is why movement is critical for your horse’s circulatory health! 

The circulatory system truly is the river of life, transporting necessary nutrients throughout the body for daily well-being, injury and illness recovery and optimal performance. Supporting your horse’s circulatory system directly supports every single function within their body! But how can you provide your horse with the circulatory support they need?

Supporting Circulation

There are many easy ways to naturally support your horse’s circulation such as allowing them time out of their stall to walk and move around and by providing them with fresh hay and water! Basic exercise is a great way to provide your horse with a healthy boost of blood flow as well. 

For horses needing additional circulatory support, there are additional therapies and modalities available that can aid with circulation. Some find that massage in targeted areas can help with temporary blood flow increases to places such as the legs and shoulders, while others have had results with acupuncture therapy. Daily support of your horse’s essential systems, however, is crucial and without an on-site bodyworker at your facility, it is hard to get your horse the daily therapy they need through traditional therapies. 

Understanding Equine Anatomy: From the knee and hock down, there are no muscles in your horse’s legs. Because of this, circulation is much poorer in these lower extremities which can cause the rate of healing of an injury to be quite slower than in other parts of the body. 

The BEMER Horse-Set is an exceptional circulatory support device that is easy to incorporate into any horse owner’s daily care routine. This PEMF device powered by BEMER’s patented PEMF signal comes with a body Blanket that can be adjusted to fit a variety of horses and two Cuffs for leg applications. Just two short sessions a day of 5, 10, or 15-minute BEMER therapy with the BEMER Horse-Set provides your horse with essential circulatory support giving them a great jump-start to their day or helping them to recover post-work or injury. 

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