October 22, 2020
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Get Ring Ready with the BEMER Horse-Set

“Many of my horses have remained in a consistent showing and training program throughout the year, but with the winter circuit nearing I am really focused on maintaining their fitness and recovery time! We like to use the BEMER Horse-Set as a pre-workout tool to help warm the horses up without zapping their energy, and as a post-workout recovery aid to help the horses feel their best after each session! I know my horses will be ring-ready for Wellington this year with the BEMER Horse-Set!” – Victoria Colvin

Winter circuit preparation doesn’t have to be hard on your horse!

Benefits of BEMER:

  • Decrease warm-up time and conserve your horse’s energy by warming up post-workout with the bemer horse-set
  • Aid in your horse’s recovery from work, illness or injury by increasing microcirculation
  • Increase your horse’s ability to relax pre- and post- competition by tapping into their parasympathetic nervous system
  • Optimize your horse’s performance and suppleness

“The show circuit starts soon, so I am gradually increasing the daily workload of my horses. My BEMER Horse-Set helps with their daily recovery and prevents potential injuries, making sure we are 100% ready when we canter down that first centerline!” -Yvonne Losos de Muniz

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