March 5, 2021
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Why Veterinarians Choose BEMER

Discover why veterinarians across the United States choose the BEMER Horse-Set to help horses recover better and faster

The bond between horse and rider is unbreakable. Owners devote hours of their time every day to give their horses everything they need to feel comfortable, healthy, and ready to perform.

Between massages, shoeing, dentistry, and regular veterinarian appointments, the horse’s surface-level issues are all but taken care of.

But when it comes to recovery, injury prevention, and optimized performance, horse owners and professional veterinarians across the US are turning to the BEMER Horse-Set.

This breakthrough technology was developed by riders for riders, and is scientifically proven to keep your horse in peak condition.

Below, we’ll be covering why veterinarians nationwide are adopting BEMER’s patented PEMF technology as part of their everyday care routines.

Better Circulation. Better Quality of Life.

To fuel its incredibly powerful muscles, a horse’s circulatory system has to pump massive amounts of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood throughout its body.

When rigorous training, performance, injuries, or surgical operations disrupt blood flow, it doesn’t just affect the horse’s ability to perform. It can also drastically affect the recovery process. 

A veterinarian’s job is to assess a horse’s health and ensure that its body and muscles are functioning properly. Ideally, they want to make sure the horse is thriving and safe from injury.

Therefore, promoting healthy local circulation is a huge part of a veterinarian’s mission.

With the help of top scientists and professional riders, BEMER adapted its patented PEMF technology to improve local circulation in horses to heal, recover, and perform at their best.

Providing benefits like these, it’s no wonder veterinarians are adding the BEMER Horse-Set to their practices:

  • Increased microcirculation This is the foundation that all other BEMER benefits are built upon. The Horse-Set’s specially adapted PEMF signal targets muscle cells to boost local blood flow and facilitate nutrient and oxygen delivery and waste removal. 
  • Improved parasympathetic processes – On a daily basis, horses are subjected to many things they don’t understand, like prolonged transportation, indoor showing, and dental treatments. This lack of understanding puts them in a fight or flight state fairly often. With the BEMER Horse-Set, improved local circulation helps regulate your horse’s parasympathetic nervous system, keeping it in a relaxed, comfortable state.
  • Improved relaxation and regeneration after exertion – Thanks to improved parasympathetic processes, your horse’s body can reach a deeper regenerative state, leading to faster recovery times.
  • Better performance – Pre-training sessions with the BEMER Horse-Set are an excellent way to prime your horse’s muscles. Enhanced nutrient and oxygen delivery gives your horse’s muscles the fuel to operate at their best, setting new standards for performance.
  • Optimized exercise through increased suppleness – When your horse can perform better and more often, it makes each training session as effective as possible. Optimized exercise means optimized performance.
  • Improved defense against infection – Healthy local circulation will better equip your horse’s immune system to handle and fend-off illnesses, so you can focus on riding instead of recovering.
  • Faster recovery after injuries – With improved local blood flow, your horse can experience a boost in the post-injury healing process. Oxygen and nutrients are able to reach the muscles faster and more abundantly, helping your horse get back in action quicker and healthier.
  • Improved anesthetic experience and regeneration after surgery – Similar to the previous benefit, your horse’s body can handle anesthesia better and recover faster when it has greater access to the vital materials that keep it healthy. That means less time healing and more time riding––whether for competition, training, or pleasure.

These powerful benefits work from the inside out to improve your horse’s health and quality of life. Just take a look at what veterinarian and Independent BEMER Distributor Dr. Katarzyna Zukiewicz has to say about the BEMER Horse-Set: 

“Microcirculation is crucial for proper body function, as well as warm up before exercise and recovery afterwards. The BEMER Horse-Set activates microcirculation, helping horses to recover and regenerate quicker! I think it is so beneficial for horses to use BEMER therapy as a part of their everyday program!”

Scientifically Proven, Patent-Protected Technology

The BEMER Horse-Set is backed by multiple worldwide patents and is scientifically proven by published studies for use on horses. These studies are another reason why veterinarians trust the BEMER Horse-Set over other PEMF devices. 

Most PEMF tools cite research that doesn’t apply directly to the use of their products. With the Horse-Set, you get the benefits of a low-intensity PEMF with the unique and scientifically proven benefits of BEMER’s patented signal.

Ease of Use & Portability

Veterinarians also make the BEMER Horse-Set a staple in their routine because it’s light and easy to use. Its wireless, battery-powered design gives you hassle-free, hands-free PEMF treatment.

The Horse Blanket is easily adjustable and can fit comfortably on most ponies and horses. With the Cuffs, you can target your horse’s legs for more intensive PEMF application, or you can lay them flat on another part of its body that you want to target.

The BEMER Horse-Set is trusted and approved by veterinarians across America because it naturally and non-invasively promotes healing, recovery, and regeneration. The proven benefits are guaranteed to enhance your horse’s wellbeing and quality of life, and you’ll notice the positive impacts within minutes of application.

To harness these powerful benefits for you and your horse, get in touch with a distributor near you today. Your horse will thank you!

*The BEMER Horse-Set does not replace treatment and care of an injury or disease by a veterinarian. A veterinarian should be consulted prior to use of the BEMER Horse-Set for any medical condition.

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